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Detailing Geek

Detailing Geek Aggressive Clay Bar

Detailing Geek Aggressive Clay Bar

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Use the Detailing Geek Aggressive Clay Bar to remove contamination from surfaces!

The Detailing Geek Aggressive Clay Bar can be used effectively to mechanically decontaminate various surfaces. Your car's shine begins when the painted surface is clean, without contamination. Detailing Geek Aggressive Clay Bar is an advanced synthetic formula that deeply cleans and creates a very fine surface ready to be polished or to apply different protections: sealant, ceramic, wax.

A Detailing Geek Aggressive Clay Bar was specially developed to decontaminate medium to highly contaminated surfaces. 

Contamination can be:
iron particles, bitumen, sap, insects, industrial pollution, gas, etc. Detailing Geek Aggressive Clay Bar can be used on all external surfaces, varnish, glass, chrome, fiberglass, aluminum or other varnished surfaces.

Decontamination with Detailing Geek Aggressive Clay Bar can be a simple and effective process if you follow a few simple steps to avoid scratching the surface, using the instructions for use below.

How to use:

- wash and dry the vehicle

- Chemically decontaminate the surface using Detailing Geek Tar and Glue Remover and Detailing Geek Fast Iron Remover.

- use a clay lubricant, Optimum No Rinse Wash and Shine 1: 256 or for even greater lubrication, Optimum Car Wax.

- break off a piece and fold it in the palm of your hand

- spray the lubricating solution on the surface and place the clay bar on the surface

- with straight movements rub on the lubricated surface without putting too much pressure, the Detailing Geek Aggressive Clay Bar will stop at the beginning the signal that starts to work.

- continue the process until the clay bar slides across the surface without sticking.

- Clean off any excess that remains on the surface.

Attention: If you drop the Detailing Geek Aggressive Clay Bar on the floor, you must throw it away and stop using it, remember with many contaminations, it will be loaded with fine dust or sand and will scratch the surface you decontaminate.

Before storing Detailing Geek Aggressive Clay Bar in the plastic case, spray it with lubricant. Do not expose it to very high temperatures above 80-90 degrees Celsius!

200Gr. clay bar with storage box

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