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MHA Garage

Service Competition Level Detail

Service Competition Level Detail

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Competition Level Details

The exclusive service for everyone who wants to raise the bar of detail for the purpose of competitions, car exhibitions, photo shoots or simply for a better finish.

In addition to the usual treatments relating to detail services, the tender condition also includes the removal of dents and all the care necessary to achieve a finish free of imperfections, a reflection as clear as a mirror and incomparable shine.

We recommend that you then protect your vehicle with PPF, or one of the Opti-Coat Pro ceramics.

  • Pre-wash treatment with neutral pH;
  • Careful exterior manual washing;
  • Deep wash of wheels;
  • Chemical and manual paint decontamination treatment with clay bar;
  • Chemical neutralization washing;
  • Drying with a special microfiber towel;
  • Inspection of the condition of the painting;
  • Measurement of paint thickness with report and appropriate documentation;
  • Correction of the painting texture;
  • Full paint correction with the RUPES BigFoot system (3 phases);
  • Maximum improvement of paintwork shine;
  • Polishing rear headlights;
  • Full correction of front headlights;
  • Cleaning of exterior windows;
  • Cleaning of exterior plastics and rubbers;

Objective :
Correct the texture so that the painting looks like a mirror without reflection distortion
Correct all paint imperfections
Increase the gloss of the varnish to the maximum at competition level




Ceramic treatments to choose from:

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MHA Garage is the only authorized and certified detail center in the district of Aveiro.

Opti-Coat Portugal - Aveiro

📲+351 965557711

📍Av. Europe n306, 3800-533 Cacia Aveiro, Portugal 🇵🇹

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