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Koch Chemie

Koch Chemie MOTORPLAST - Mp

Koch Chemie MOTORPLAST - Mp

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Motorplast gives a natural finish to all plastics, rubbers and wiring in the engine compartment while protecting them and repelling dirt from them.

Just spray and let it dry naturally! Motorplast dries on its own, leaving a natural and cared-for finish.

Unlike other plastic products, Motorplast was specially developed for the engine compartment and for this purpose, it resists temperatures of 250ºC for a durable finish, it also protects the wiring from corrosion.

It can be applied immediately after washing, whether wet or dry.


After washing
Still wet or dry
Shake the bottle and apply a thin layer throughout the engine compartment (plastics, rubber, wiring and even paintwork)
Let the product dry naturally (20-40 min.)

This product was developed for the engine compartment, but its ability to restore plastic and self-leveling makes Motorplast perfect for use on plastic wheel arches, leaving a super careful finish in a simple and effortless way. Just spray and let dry!


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MHA Garage is the only authorized and certified detail center in the district of Aveiro.

Opti-Coat Portugal - Aveiro

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