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Kovax 524-1500 Yellow Film 150mm 15 H (x50 UN.)

Kovax 524-1500 Yellow Film 150mm 15 H (x50 UN.)

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Sandpaper grain

Kovax "524-1500" Yellow Film Disc with 15 Holes

Product Description

The Kovax "524-1500" Yellow Film Disc with 15 holes is the latest technology in efficiency and quality in abrasives. This product is designed to deliver superior results in all sanding applications, whether in industrial environments or for DIY projects.


  • Durability : High-quality durable yellow film construction ensures that this disc does not wear out easily, providing it with a long service life.
  • 15 holes : The 15 holes incorporated in the disc provide excellent ventilation, reducing heat and preventing clogging for smoother and more efficient sanding.
  • Reference "524-1500" : This model comes with the reference "524-1500", a guarantee of Kovax authenticity and quality.
  • Kovax Brand : With Kovax, you are choosing a trusted brand in the abrasives industry, known for its constant quality and innovation.


Ideal for use on wood, metal, plastics and a variety of other surfaces. Whether you're a professional looking for a reliable abrasive or a DIY enthusiast looking for the perfect tool for your next project, the Kovax "524-1500" Yellow Film Disc is the perfect choice.

Order your Kovax Yellow Film Disc "524-1500" now and discover the difference that Kovax quality can make in your work.

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