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LCD Leather & Vinyl Colour

LCD Leather & Vinyl Colour

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LCD Leather & Vinyl Color

Leather and Vinyl Paints are water-based, they are the best option for repainting or changing the color of pigmented leather, vinyl, synthetic leather and plastics. These paints can be mixed with other paints or with Pigments to achieve different tones. For professional use. For best results, they must be applied with a spray gun.

Instructions for use:

  1. Clean the leather with LCD Leather Cleaner using a brush
  2. Degrease the leather with LCD Degreaser
  3. Clean the leather with LCD Solvent Cleaner to remove residue from other products and let it dry
  4. Apply a layer of LCD Leather Primer and dry with a hot air gun
  5. Apply the LCD Paint in thin layers, dry each layer with a hot air gun (apply as many layers as necessary to cover and achieve the desired result)
  6. Apply LCD Leather Finish Matte, Satin or Glossy (according to preference) with 3% LCD Crosslinker
  7. Leave it to sit for some time (one hour) and then apply the LCD Leather Protector




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