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Opti-Coat Pro+ (7 years) - Portugal Aveiro Ceramic Treatment Service

Opti-Coat Pro+ (7 years) - Portugal Aveiro Ceramic Treatment Service

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Opti-Coat Pro+ is the evolution of Opti-Coat Pro. Two-layer SiC (Silicon Carbide) ceramic treatment, which improves the incredible properties of Opti-Coat Pro.

⚪️ Higher shine than Opti-Coat Pro thanks to its second layer.
🔵 Greater hardness compared to Opti-Coat Pro.
⚪️ Greater protection against chemical agents (bird droppings, acid rain, etc…)
🔵 Excellent ease of cleaning.
⚪️ Hydrophobic, repels water.
🔵 Better UV & heat protection (prevents paint yellowing).
⚪️ Superior regeneration.
🔵 7 years written warranty, with certified warranty book
⚪️ No reapplications.
🔵 €950 + application VAT

Note: the value shown is only the application of the ceramic and the ceramic itself;

The value shown is valid for city cars and medium-sized cars. SUVS, pick-ups, among other large vehicles, the value will be higher than that shown, to be calculated based on the m2 of painted surfaces.

Available at 💻

MHA Garage is the only authorized and certified detail center in the district of Aveiro.

Opti-Coat Portugal - Aveiro

📲+351 965557711
📍Rua de Santa Rita n35, 3810-163 Aveiro, Portugal 🇵🇹

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