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Stjarnagloss SNO - PH Neutral Snow Foam Pre-Wash

Stjarnagloss SNO - PH Neutral Snow Foam Pre-Wash

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Our thick pH-neutral snow foam prewash

Thick pre-wash, great for regular protected car washes.

Our dense, pH-neutral snow foam has a great dwell time for maximum cleaning performance on lightly soiled cars, but is gentle enough not to affect existing coatings.

How to use our pH neutral Snow Foam:

Apply through a professional snow foam cannon with a high pressure washer capable of 130 bar or more for best results. Karcher K2s will work, but you will need a good snow foam cannon and you may have to use a stronger mix.

Cover your car from the bottom up to increase the product's residence time in these lower dirty areas. A small glide of the snow foam will help remove dirt.

The 1-liter bottle is good for 20 liters or more of snow foam mix, which is enough to coat about 30 to 40 medium-sized cars.

The 5-liter bottle is good for 100 liters or more of snow foam mix, which is enough to coat about 200 medium-sized cars.

Why use Snö pH Neutral Snow Foam?

Customer feedback is that our pH neutral snow foam is as good as its reputation suggests... it really is an amazing product to use, offering excellent cleaning capabilities and excellent value.

If you want the best finish that a pH-neutral snow foam can offer, get Sno. It's never been easier (or faster) to get rid of dust and light dirt from your paintwork. We don't think there is another equivalent snow foam that can match the Sno's high performance. Simply put, we are sure that it is one of the best PH-neutral snow foam on the market... if not the best!


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